Welcome to Al Salam English School

Dear parents,
Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Welcome To Al Salam English School. May Allah Bestow Upon You Jaza E Khair For Choosing To Provide Your Child An Education That Will Give A Sound Foundation For The Betterment Of His Duniya And Akhira.

Children Are Truly A Blessing And Ammanh From Allah Az Wa Jal And Providing Them With The Right Upbringing And Education Is Parent’s Foremost Duty. Abdullah Ibn Umar Reported: The Messenger Of Allah, Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him, Said, “Every One Of You Is A Shepherd And Is Responsible (Will Be Asked) For His Flock. The Leader Of People Is A Guardian And Is Responsible For His Subjects. A Man Is The Guardian Of His Family And He Is Responsible For Them. A Woman Is The Guardian Of Her Husband’s Home And His Children And She Is Responsible For Them…

Al Salam Is An English Medium Islamic School Which Aims To Impart Secular Education In An Islamic Environment. Islamic Principles And Teachings Are Integral Parts Of School Curriculum. As An Al Salam Student, The Child First Learns To Love His Creator Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala Before He Learns Math, Science Or Social Studies. Reading Of Holy Quran, Hadith, Duas Are Lessons That Are Conducted On A Daily Basis. Emphasis On Co Curricular Activities Such As P.T, Karate, And Educational Excursions, Ensures All Round Development Of The Child.

Well Qualified Teachers And Staff At Al Salam Maintain A Family Like Warm And Embracing Atmosphere And Strives To Acknowledge Each Child’s Physical, Mental And Emotional Potential Without Any Discrimination Or Bias. Facilitating Such A Loving And Encouraging Atmosphere Propels The Student With Leaps And Bounds On His Academic Journey.

Al Salam Understands The Struggle That Parents Go Through To Provide An Islamic Upbringing To Their Children In This Turbulent Times, Hence Bi Iznillah It Arranges Workshops And Ta Leem Sessions For Mothers On A Regular Basis.

Ever Growing And Evolving Al Salam English School Strives To Provide Education To Children That Will InshAllah Help Them To Attain The Best In This World And The Hereafter Too.

May Allah Accept All Our Deeds And Keep Us Rooted On Sirat Al Mustaqeem.


Our vision
The vision of the school is depicted in the logo of the school.

The Palm Tree In The Logo Represent A MUSLIM. As Reported In Bhukari On The Authority Of Ibn Umar, Allah’s Apostle Said, “Amongst The Trees, There Is A Tree, The Leaves Of Which Do Not Fall And Is Like A Muslim. Tell Me The Name Of That Tree.” Everybody Started Thinking About The Trees Of The Desert Areas. And I Thought Of The Date-Palm Tree But Felt Shy To Answer The Others Then Asked, “What Is That Tree, O Allah’s Apostle ?” He Replied, “It Is The Date-Palm Tree.”

A Strong Tree Whose Roots (Of Tauheed) Are Deep In The Ground And Whose Leaves Spread Upward Delighting The Farmer And The Onlooker. The Book Represents The True Knowledge The Holy Quran. Alhamdulillah The School Is Founded With A Vision To Prepare The Next Generation As Strong Believers With Rightly Grounded Knowledge, As Leaders And Da’ee Of Our Ummah Who Will Spread The Word Of Allah In A Proper Peaceful Way, InshaAllah.

Our Mission
The mission of the school is depicted in the logo of the school.

To Prepare The Next Generation Leaders With Secular Education Based On Islamic Principles And Teachings Along With Academics Which Are Integral Parts Of The School Curriculum – Through Dedicated Competent Teachers, Responsible Parents And Community Service-Oriented Trustees.

Provide right direction and environment to develop character to shoulder responsibilities and become self reliant. Imbibe a scientific temper of curiosity, awareness and understanding of everything.

Make our students disciplined, well mannered, cultured, tolerant and liberal, cooperative and caring human beings.
Stress on leadership training, democratic way of living, moral progress and a feeling of national integration.


Admission Open 2023-24

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